Price List

When it comes to choosing a cleaning service that is right for you, price, is often one of the most important factor. That is why at JR Quintess cleaning services we provide the cheapest and the best cleaning prices in London. Our competitive prices, reflect the reliable and fully-guaranteed cleaning services that we provide  to our customers.

Domestic Services

SERVICES                                         PRICES                                  COMMENTS       

Domestic services                        £12- per hour                         This is for a one off house clean

Domestic services                       £10-per hour                           For regular cleaning 4hrs or more

Domestic services                      £120                           For a end of tenancy or move in cleaning deep clean

Domestic services                     £12-per hour                             For spring clean or deep cleaning houses

Please note, these prices does not include carpet, window, or oven  deep cleaning.

All prices quoted above are for standard size properties. The prices are subject to change depending on condition of your property and the task to be carried out.aaall blue


Commercial Services

SERVICES                                         PRICES                                                        COMMENTS

Commercial services                      £12- per hour                          This is for a one off office clean

Commercial services                      £10-per hour                           For regular office cleaning 4hrs or more

Commercial services                     £12-per hour                             For builders and new builds clean 

Commercial services                    £12-per hour                             For regular school cleaning

Commercial services                    £12-per hour                             For clubs and pub cleaning.


Please note, all prices quoted above are for standard size properties.The prices are subject to change depending on condition of your property and the task to be carried out.